I am a Urology Patient

I am a Urology Patient

How to use this website

You can read the information published on this website in different formats.

If you prefer to read the information on paper, we recommend you to print out the EAU Patient Information leaflets from the library. For every topic you have several options.

  • The first option is to print out the basic information leaflet which gives you all the essential information about the disease in one document: from causes and symptoms to diagnosis and treatment.
  • If you are interested in reading in-depth information about your condition, which includes all the relevant details, you may want to print out the leaflets which deal with each topic separately and in a lot of detail.

If you prefer to read the information on screen, you are welcome to explore the topic section of interest. We made sure that you can choose the amount of detail you want to read about every topic. The website pages only display the essential information, but if you want to read additional information, you can click on “show me in-depth information” to expand the section.

Your individual situation

This website provides extensive information for urology patients, but it doesn’t take into account your individual situation. Always ask for professional medical advice in case you experience any symptoms or if you have concerns or worries.

Is your language not on the website?

Do you like this website, but cannot make the best use of it because it is not available in your native language? With the help of our partners, we are working to make this website available in as many languages as possible. You can help by contacting the urological society from your country and encouraging them to join our partner network!

Family and friends

Are you a relative or a friend of a urology patient? The information on this website will also be useful for you. In the future we will create separate sections for those who provide support and care to urology patients.