I Am a Medical Practitioner

I Am a Medical Practitioner

Why use this information?

Whether you are a urologist, nurse practitioner, general practitioner, or an expert in an affiliated field, you are welcome to use and recommend the information and printable materials provided on this website. These well-illustrated materials will help you in educating your patients – they are written in plain language and at the same time they comply with the most current evidence base in medicine. EAU patient information is in line with the EAU Guidelines.
As this project continues to expand, more and more topics and languages will appear on this website. We work closely with national urological societies, and this means that the information provided on this website is relevant for your region.

How to use this information?

You are welcome to use this information to supplement your consultations with patients – on its own or additionally to the information available in your practice. You can share this information with your patients in three ways:

  • Distribute: In our library you can download all EAU Patient Information leaflets for free. They are print-friendly and you can hand them out to your patients.
  • Recommend: If it is not possible to print out the leaflets, you can recommend this website and the leaflets to your patients. Most of them will be able to access the website on their own and print out the relevant information. You may want to print out our reference flyer – you can give it to the patient so that they don’t forget to visit the website.
  • Link and share: We will be happy and thankful if you help us spread the word about this project – we would like as many people as possible to benefit from our work! Please download our banners and link to us from your website. The banners are available in different languages.

Is your language not on the website?

Do you like this website, but cannot make the best use of it because your native language is not on the website? With the help of our partners, we are working to make this website available in as many languages as possible. You can help by contacting the urological society from your country and encouraging them to join our partner network!